I’m pleased to offer people in the Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire areas the opportunity to learn from me first hand, and to understand the impact of clutter on their own lives and on those around them.

“12 months on and still inspired by your decluttering day”

I run a number of workshops around decluttering and becoming more organised; be it at home or in your workspace.

Courses tailored to a specific group can be arranged upon request.

I run a number of decluttering and organising workshops, in conjunction with qualified counsellors and therapists, which cover the areas below;

  • Identify the cause of your clutter

    Where does your clutter come from, how does it end up in your home and why does it stress you out?

  • Strategies to tackle clutter

    Learn how to tackle your clutter hot-spots in a systematic way

  • Manage your clutter-related stress levels

    More organised = less stressed

  • Make positive changes to your living space

    Learn hints, tips and techniques to make your house a home again

Next Workshop Details

Mindful Decluttering

Mindful Decluttering Workshop run by Orderly Office and Home

Next Date: To be confirmed

The way we approach certain situations has an impact on the outcomes of what we want to achieve.

Join me, along with NLP Practitioner Carol Nesbitt, for two workshops which will help you change your approach to dealing with your cluttered spaces, using a mix of group discussion and practical examples.

“I came away more motivated and put better systems into place to tackle the problem areas. I feel less guilty and anxious about it, which means that I’m more likely to take the plunge with one difficult thing at a time. It was very helpful to hear from other people that their problems are similar – sometimes greater – and that they also have felt as bad as I have about it.”


“12 months on and still inspired by your decluttering day!”


“Thanks for a great course – structured, practical and completely relevant to both business and personal environments.”