If your property is up for sale, it’s wise to pare down and store your excess possessions to create a clear uncluttered home.

Move only your wanted possessions into your new home.

Declutter to sell your home - Orderly Office and Home
  • Create a feeling of space

    Create an uncluttered home by storing your less-used possessions out of the way whilst viewers come round

  • Pare down your belongings

    Let go of the belongings you seldom use rather than transfer them to your new home

  • Clearing an empty property

    Help with sorting a property following the death of a relative or friend

I can assist you with paring down your possessions in readiness for a major change in your living circumstances.

  • Organise & sort a room, or a whole property in order to assist with a sale.
  • Help to pack up belongings in readiness for a move.
  • Advise you on storage options for short or longer-term requirements.

Don’t put people off online.  Get your home in shape prior to your agent taking photographs for Rightmove and get more people through the door! A clear, bright room gives the impression of space. Buyers viewing a cluttered property may think that there’s not enough room for their own things.