Presenting Workshops for IKEA UK

Presenting at IKEA UK’s Ideas Festival – The Joy of Storage

I was delighted to present ‘The Art of Tidying’ workshops for the big blue & yellow box that is IKEA UK recently!

Over the course of two days at the end of February, groups of people who had pre-booked onto the event, as well as general shoppers who wanted to learn more, were able to pick up some organising tips and ideas for their living spaces.

From within a Living room set featuring the BESTA modular range, I challenged the audience to think differently about their homes and to consider how making simple changes can make a big difference.  Us Brits have so much stuff but not enough room to store it all properly, so by using the question of ‘Do I need it, use it, love it?’ we can make decisions about what we want to keep and to let go of, and then of course make decisions about how to store what we keep.



Art of Tidying Workshop at IKEA             BESTA Storage

“Do I need it? Do I use it? Do I love it?”

The audience shared their problems with storing children’s artwork, treasured LPs, inherited items and the general struggle to keep things in order on a day-to-day basis, and they had the chance to have their specific questions discussed and answered within the group. Along with the in-depth knowledge of my IKEA co-worker, a number of storage products were suggested that might suit their needs, especially to fit into awkward spaces, as per the picture below.  IKEA have a really useful planning tool to help you decide what you might need.

BESTA Storage ideas

After seeing more examples of the Living room ranges we moved around to the Wardrobe area and looked specifically at IKEA’s PAX range – again offering some great planning tools.  These wardrobes fit into different sized spaces, and can be built up to suit an individual’s requirements – with the choice of including hanging rails, shelves, drawers, shoe racks, trouser hangers, jewellery storage and much more!  The range is great and there really is something to suit everyone’s needs!  I demonstrated some folding techniques to help manage the space inside drawers more economically, as well as showcasing some of IKEA’s SKUBB range – a favourite of mine!

Presenting for IKEA UK Feb 2016


You can watch highlights of the workshop in the YouTube video below and read about it from home blogger Antonia’s point of view over on her blog Tidy Away Today here.

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