Orderly Office and Home will help you make the best of your living space.  It will look great & you’ll never feel embarrassed to have friends over!

Restore the order in your home

Orderly Office and Home - Decluttering & Organising services Manchester

Restore the order in your home.

Create a less chaotic space, so that you again have the tidy environment you yearn for; neat, organised and easy to maintain.  Find everything when you need it!

Lose the clutter and make your house a home.

I work in Manchester and the surrounding areas to help you to make the best use of your space for your needs. I can recommend storage solutions as well as arranging for disposal of your unwanted items by recycling, donating to charity or arranging to sell on sites such as eBay – saving you time & hassle.

How can I help?

Moving home

“I really feel so much calmer even just walking through that room now. Everything has a place which will help in keeping it tidy in the future.”


“Amanda makes you take action, but guides you through the process – it’s surprisingly cathartic – you just need that helping hand to shift you through it and let you see the light. I now have a lovely clear space once more and the actions to stop it getting into such a state again.  Thanks Orderly Office and Home – that’s exactly what I have again!”


“The children are noticeably calmer, playing better together and really enjoying their ‘new’ playroom.  Feel so much more in control already, thank you.”

Mrs RAltrincham