Taking that first step to getting organised can be awkward…

Meet Amanda

Amanda Manson - profileHi, I’m Amanda, a married mum of 2 from South Manchester, who lives in a functional and organised house – but I won’t lie; it’s by no means a showhome!

I launched Orderly Office and Home in 2011 after a career spanning more than 15 years in the Insurance industry.  Much of my time in the latter years was in Operational Management; organising people and their workspaces and finding the best ways for them to work more efficiently.

Over the years I’ve developed a passion for organising and decluttering in the office and home.  From living as a singleton, flat sharing and now as a family with my husband, children and dog, I know that keeping things in line at home isn’t easy, and that more stuff always seems to come in than go out!  So we have regular declutter sessions to pare-down our possessions and free up space.  With both me AND my husband busy working from home, it’s vitally important that we keep on top of our individual work spaces too.

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Am I for you?

If your clutter is at the level where you find it too difficult to enter a room safely or you aren’t keen to let go of your possessions, then I probably wouldn’t be best placed to help you here and you may need to find someone more suited to dealing with more complex issues that may be holding you back from achieving a clear space.

My clients should have the desire and be ready to make a change, using me as the catalyst to getting to where they want to be with their space.

If you feel motivated and ready to make changes for the better, then please get in touch.

Why should I be organised?

Investing in help to get things more organised leads to many benefits;

  • Less stress
  • More time
  • Money saved

You can go it alone, but without someone to motivate & guide you through the process it can be hard.  I liken myself to a personal trainer for clutter!

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How does it work?

Many people are affected with some kind of clutter – either in their head due to the long lists of things they need to get done, or in their immediate space with toys, paperwork and unfinished projects around them. Often they lack the ideas, confidence or motivation to overcome these hurdles and move forward.

This is where I can help – by offering a calm, non-judgemental approach to reorganising your space and how you go about your day to day home or work life.

The Clients I work with are the decision-makers and are never encouraged to let go of anything they truly value. It’s can be a difficult process and I can empathise with the psychological and emotional needs we all have in keeping certain possessions. My aim is for you to enjoy the experience and gain the emotional and physical benefits of organising your space.

Let’s talk about how I can help you.

Is it for me?

A perfectly reasonable question!

See for yourself how others have benefited from my decluttering services.  See how rooms have been transformed and read comments from some of my previous Clients.  It might allay any fears or concerns you have about whether this is right for you.

If you’d like to know more, please contact me for a chat.

Why choose to work with Amanda?

Meet Amanda Manson of Orderly Office and Home

I am proud to have been a member of APDO – The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers  – since 2012 and to adhere to their code of ethics.

APDO Logo 2016

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office; registration number ZA039726, dealing with possessions and paperwork in a confidential manner.

I am fully insured with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance, via Westminster Indemnity.

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