I know how difficult it can be to keep on top of the mountain of post and paperwork that comes into the office. Create a system that allows you to access your paperwork easily, when you need it, without wasting time searching for it!

Simple systems make all the difference

Typical isn’t it?

You’re working on a document, the phone rings, you make some notes from the call, leave your desk, return with more papers, work on your laptop, and wouldn’t you know it – when you want to return to the original item you can’t lay your hands on it!

Don’t waste time creating several versions of the same documents – thin out & simplify!

  • Create a clear desk space

    Move papers off your desktop to create a clear and inspiring place to work.

  • Create a filing system that fits your business

    Purge your existing filing system & organise what’s left into an simple system that fits your business needs; receipts, staff records, suppliers, memberships, etc.

  • Create procedure documents

    Create new (or revise existing) working practice documents & document templates.

  • Create Diary Systems

    Identify any actions you need to take and set up a reminder system.

  • Dispose of waste

    Suggestions for destruction of confidential paperwork / IT hardware.

“Her friendly and supportive approach is reassuring and my organising session lived up to and beyond my expectations. Amanda helped tackle two key areas, which now enable me to work in a more efficient and effective manner. Her smart approach to organisation is refreshing and has given me renewed enthusiasm, as it’s provided a more conducive environment to work in.”

“I was drowning! My near useless filing system becoming even more useless as business increased and I started to struggle to prioritise/juggle work and home life.  Amanda created a filing system that totally works for me and by literally making me go through piles of technical notes and clippings of ideas that I didn’t need or hadn’t looked at in months – forced me to file, scan and destroy.

Sometimes you can’t see the woods for the trees and you need some to come along with a chainsaw!  Amanda did and my world is a calmer place!  The declutter sparked a full home office ‘room change’!”