Always struggling to find important household paperwork? Need to lay your hands on it right now?

Keep one step ahead and create paperwork systems that suit you & your family.

Household paperwork - Orderly Office and Home

Keeping on top of the mountain of post & household paperwork that comes into your home is hard, isn’t it?  Add to the mix a computer, laptop or phone filled with applications & downloads that you no longer use, it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed!

Get your household paperwork and records into order!

Let me help you to sort & organise your household paperwork into easy to use systems – that work for you!  My working background has given me a head-start to creating easy systems that will help you to access your important paperwork easily.

When it comes to tech, I can set you on the right track to creating template correspondence for regular use, clear out a busy desktop and help you to prioritise your emails so you don’t miss a thing.

Working from home? I can give your home office space an overhaul too, ensuring that you can be productive & efficient in your work.

  • Keep on top of important documents

    Create a system so you can find what you need, when you need it!

  • Organise receipts, medical records, insurances, banking, travel documents, etc

    File things where they belong and create a reminder system for renewals, etc.

  • Get to grips with your emails

    Stop your Inbox overflowing and tidy up your desktop.

“I’d dithered for a long time, feeling I needed two different people: someone practical to help me sift the junk from the genuine family mementos, as well as an organised professional to advise me how to streamline my office systems.  Amanda combined both roles perfectly.”

“Amanda helped me prior to my house move to clear out and organise my personal and office filing. Amanda is trustworthy, punctual and really easy to get along with she works in a very methodical and efficient manner and thanks to Amanda. I now also have a very efficient filing system.”