It’s hard to keep on top of the mountain of post & paperwork that comes into your home, isn’t it?  Add to that a computer or laptop filled with applications & downloads that you no longer use, it’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed!

Keep one step ahead and create paperwork systems that suit you & your family.

Household paperwork - Orderly Office and Home

Get your domestic papers and records into order once & for all!

Organise & sort your paperwork into easy to use systems.

  • Create workable folders so you can file according to your needs.
  • Identify & highlight any actions you need to take on important items.
  • Prepare for confidential shredding of papers

Get to grips with your computer and make the most of technology.

  • Create template letters for you to use or send letters/emails on your behalf.
  • Clear out unused & unwanted applications from your desktop.
  • Help to prioritise incoming emails so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Keep on top of important documents

    Create a system so you can find what you need, when you need it!

  • Organise receipts, medical records, insurances, banking, travel documents, etc

    File things where they belong and create a reminder system for renewals, etc.

  • Get to grips with your emails

    Stop your Inbox overflowing and tidy up your desktop.