Work in a clutter-free and inspiring environment.  Make it the best for you & your business.

Create a workspace that inspires you!

Office decluttering and organising from Orderly Office and Home

If you’re struggling to focus on the job that needs to be done, often misplacing important paperwork, or embarrassed to have Clients come and visit you, it’s time to declutter and organise your office space.

  • Identify what you need and what you don’t need
  • Remove the distractions
  • Store things aesthetically & effectively

Home office or corporate office space – I can help!

  • Find the things you need

    Find what you need, when you need it. No more lost time looking for your important documents

  • Create a clear desk

    Focus on what needs to be done, not the pile of papers on your desk

  • Create a workable system

    Look at the simplest way to store your paperwork and access things easily

“Amanda provided a detailed plan for streamlining our office, systems and documents. She implemented the plan, made us all stick to it and provided a great service and big help to FluidBars. I would recommend Amanda without question.”

“Amanda helped me to go through the clutter of papers and other things in my office that shouldn’t have been there. In a a couple of hours we’d shredded documents no longer needed, moved junk papers into the kerbside recycling bag, identified the documents I needed to deal with and filled a bag for the charity shop.”

“Amanda came to my aid to help me organise my home/work balance. With myself and my husband running our own businesses from home things were beginning to become a little chaotic. Within 10 minutes, Amanda had helped me establish a clear action plan and even rearranged furniture in a way that totally transformed our living space. She is a joy to work with.”

I’d embarked on a project of clearing out my home office which had become the “muddle drawer” for the whole house. I didn’t know how to edit the mountain of files, books, photos, paper, filing etc …creating an inspiring place to function. Amanda talked me through, so I didn’t get overwhelmed by the bigger picture and gave me some great ideas for ongoing storage and filing. I came away motivated, focussed and in control of the project I’d undertaken with a clear way to approach it.