Home organising is key to giving you back time & space in your life! Who wouldn’t want to live in a calm, clear and uncluttered space?

Be proud of your clutter-free home & live comfortably!

Without any structure in place, general untidiness can easily turn into chaos, having a negative impact on everyday life.  A spot of home organising can turn things from cluttered chaos to organised order!

If any of these areas cause you daily stress, then let’s talk!  

  • Kitchen – cupboards, store room, pantry
  • Bedroom – wardrobes, cupboards, the floordrobe!
  • Bathroom – toiletries, linen cupboards
  • Living areas – lounge, dining, playroom
  • Lofts & cellars
  • Outdoor spaces – garage, shed, garden room
  • Any space – be it just one cupboard or a whole house!!

With an eye for storage tips & tricks, I’ll help you to make the best use of your space for YOUR needs. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here!  With my non-judgemental and hands-on approach I’ll suggest tried & tested solutions together with options for disposing of your unwanted items through recycling, donating to charity or selling.

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  • Enjoy welcoming your visitors

    Remove those feelings of stress or embarrassment when the doorbell rings

  • Get out of the door on time

    Create a system in your home that means you can find everything when you need it

  • Find a starting place

    Let me be your guide through the decluttering process

“Thank you for a really useful session. It gave me positive energy and strategies to help tackle the clutter around the house. It had felt very overfacing. Talking to you helped me see why the house might have got cluttered over the last few years and helped me forgive myself for it getting that way. I really appreciated your pertinent questions, understanding and wisdom.
I would definitely recommend you to others and use your services again.  Thank you for your help so far.”

“The children are noticeably calmer, playing better together & really enjoying their ‘new’ playroom. I was so inspired that I tackled my daughter’s disaster of a bedroom too.  Feel so much more in control already.”

“Amanda helped me to identify the cause of my clutter and gave me simple and easy solutions to help me organise my space. I felt at ease having Amanda coach me through sorting my clutter as she is very relaxed, non- judgemental and down to earth.
I would definitely recommend her to those that want immediate results using quick and easy ideas to get the house in order.”