Moving to a smaller property?  Whether you’re an ’empty nester’ or just want to lose the burden of managing a large property, I can help you to make the best of your smaller space.

Simplify your move to a smaller property by reducing your belongings.

  • Downsizing = Decision Making

    When you feel overwhelmed with your possessions, it can start to feel like the task ahead of you is too much. I am here to provide the physical, practical & emotional support in helping you to make the final decisions about each item.

  • Move to a smaller, safer property without the hassle

    If you’re trying to fit 30 years’ worth of contents into a retirement flat, you are going to have let go of things without a doubt!

  • Hands-on help to clear your space

    If you’ve cupboards you can’t reach easily, or a loft or garage space that is too daunting to tackle alone, let me help you declutter that space.

Here at Orderly Office and Home, I can work alongside your estate agent and/or removal company, to help you sort through your possessions and support you in deciding which items to take to your new home and which to ones you can ‘let go’ from your life.

  • Sort any area, especially those difficult to reach cupboards and the loft!
  • Help with a box, a cupboard, one room, or an entire house? No problem!
  • Identify your essentials & treasured pieces from your unwanted clutter.
  • Organise those items you want to pass on to your family or friends.
  • Donate unwanted items to a specific charity.

At the end of each session I’ll ensure that your home is tidy and, more importantly, in a safe state for you to continue with your daily life.

“My stuff has just come from storage – way more than I thought.  HELP!  I don’t think I can do this alone!  It definitely needs rationalising – that thing that you’re so good at. “