If you plan to sell your property, it’s time to plan, pare back, de-personalise and remove your excess possessions to create a clear uncluttered home.

Move only your wanted possessions into your new home.

Declutter to sell your home - Orderly Office and Home

Does the thought of moving home send shudders down your spine? If the thought of selling your home is too much, then let me help you make the process run smoothly!

Be it organising and sorting a single room or whole property, I can be the impartial eyes, giving you a head-start to securing a sale.

By providing hands-on help we can clear those out of reach cupboards, or tackle a loft or garage space that is too daunting to handle alone.

As an experienced Move Manager with the Senior Move Partnership, I’ve plenty of experience in project-managing the moving process for the older generation who are downsizing and moving a lifetime’s possessions into smaller properties.

Whether it’s liaising with removal or storage firms, packing or unpacking boxes or simply organising the space in your new home, I can help.

  • Create a feeling of space

    Create an uncluttered home. Store your less-used possessions out of the way during viewings

  • Pare down your belongings

    Let go of the things you seldom use rather than transfer them to your new home

  • Downsizing to a Smaller Property

    Support in deciding which items to take to your new home, ensuring that you’ll have the room to live comfortably.

  • Packing/Unpacking Service

    Help with packing or unpacking, plus organising things in your new home.

  • Clearing an empty property

    Help with sorting a property following the death of a relative or friend

“Amanda helped me to prepare to have an extension by clearing out the loft. She arrived on time very well prepared and ready to get stuck in!! I started enthusiastically, eager to get organised, but when my enthusiasm started to wane Amanda’s didn’t! She encouraged me and provided useful advice throughout the day, including details of charities that would benefit from some unnecessary items that I’d hung onto for far too long!
Amanda provides a fantastic service & I was left with a very well organised loft that only contained items I really wanted to gang onto! Thank you Amanda, I can’t recommend you highly enough!”


“Amanda is a STAR and organised me before my house move! Highly recommended :)”