I know how difficult it can be to keep on top of the mountain of post and paperwork that comes into the office. Create a system that allows you to access your paperwork easily, when you need it, without wasting time searching for it!

  • Create a clear desk space

    Organise & sort your papers off your desktop and into an easy to use filing system that matches your business needs – tax receipts, staff records, suppliers, memberships, etc.

  • Create a filing system that fits your business

    Purge your existing filing system, removing anything that is outdated, duplicated, etc.

  • Create procedure documents

    Create new (or revise existing) working practice documents & document templates.

  • Create Diary Systems

    Identify any actions you need to take and set up a reminder system.

  • Dispose of waste

    Source suppliers for destruction of confidential paperwork / IT hardware to ensure you are ICO compliant.

Typical isn’t it? You’re working on a document, the phone rings, you make some notes from the call, leave your desk, return with more papers, work on your laptop, and wouldn’t you know it – when you want to return to the original item – you can’t lay your hands on it!

Don’t store several versions of the same documents – thin out and simplify!