Orderly Office and Home can help you make the best of your business. As well as looking at ‘how you do what you do’, to improve efficiency & processes, I can also create a space that suits the needs of your business – whether you work from home or in a shared office.

Restore the order in your office space

Office decluttering and organising - Orderly Office and Home

Whether it’s helping you to manage your paperwork clutter & computer files so that documents can be easily located, or re-organising your filing systems & suggesting improvements, I can be the impartial eyes & ears making your business more efficient.

Let me help you offload the clutter in your head & tackle the overwhelm of your ‘To Do’ lists!

“Amanda helped me to go through the clutter of papers and other things in my office that shouldn’t have been there.”

How can I help to declutter and organise in your office?

  • Office Decluttering

    Clutter-free and inspiring environment, enabling you to get the best out of yourself & your business.

  • Computers & Systems

    Desktop full of icons, but you don’t know what they’re for? Is your email inbox overflowing?

  • Work with Me

    Because life’s too complicated not to be orderly!