The Client had become frustrated with her office space which doubled as a gaming room for her
son. It also housed bikes, buggy and no end of unnecessary clutter. By changing the location of the desk to a brighter corner (new sleek desk on order), wall-mounting the TV (after my visit) and using the cabinet to display items rather than ‘house’ them it gave a better first impression to visitors. Even changing the direction of the rug gave a feeling of more space.

Before – exactly what function does this room have?

After – some decluttering of unwanted items & a shuffle round resulted in a clearly defined space

“Thanks so much for your wonderful help last week.  I really feel so much calmer even just walking through that room now.  My time is spent so much more effectively now – I love it.  Everything has a place which will definitely help in keeping it tidy in the future.  Even my two year old said “wow, this is lovely” when she came home from nursery!!  Quite shocking to see how it was to be honest!”

LC, Homeworker, Altrincham