The Client had used the mezzanine level as a dumping ground for items she didn’t know what to
do with or didn’t know where to store which led to buying duplicate items.  Around 1/4 of the items cleared were storage boxes, folders & crates!

Before – anything that didn’t have a home was put on the mezzanine level
After – a useable space, with unwanted items for eBay. Masses of duplicate storage boxes/folders

“My mezzanine level had got into such a state!  Before I knew it, it had become really cluttered & I couldn’t actually use the area.  It had been on my list to do but I just didn’t know where to start.
Amanda came in, got it sorted and made me feel organised again. She had some great tips and helped me decide just what to do with all my various items – there was stuff to shred, stuff to eBay… and more importantly we removed the stuff that I just didn’t need.  Amanda makes you take action, but guides you through the process – it’s surprisingly cathartic – you just need that helping hand to shift you through it and let you see the light.  I now have a lovely clear space once more and the actions to stop it getting into such a state again. Thanks Orderly Office and Home – that’s exactly what I have again!”

Victoria, PR Professional, Manchester