I was contacted by a lady working from home, attempting to run 3 businesses from a shared office-space (shared with husband & 3 children!). She knew she had so much to do, but was not clear where to start or how to manage paperwork going forwards.

My in-tray was gathering dust & contained letters dating back to 2009. Amanda helped me sort through the dusty pile & face the old letters – which were surprisingly easy to deal with! I was collecting things, that I ‘might one day need’, but they were cluttering my space. Sorting through these revealed precious wasted space.

Working from home means I’m easily distracted by domestic chaos. Amanda offered some handy tips for getting the children to own their mess, thus reducing the pressure on myself.

My in-tray is clear, work space has grown, kids mess is in hand. My head is clearer. Result….. One happier, more organised self-employed working mum!

PC, Home-worker, Altrincham, Cheshire.