This Client contacted me to help sort & organise a mass of paperwork that had built up over a number of years, but needed to be catalogued for HMRC.

“Your help this month has been truly amazing and I cannot thank you enough. I was VERY reluctant to have anyone see my hoarder-home, much less ALL my business affairs and so much of my very, very private life, but you seemed so calming, considerate and encouraging on the ‘phone; you did nothing to add pressure and only tried to alleviate it, and finally I asked for us to meet. Now my only regret is not meeting you even sooner!

You came into my world discreetly with no uniform or car logo, showed how naturally organised you truly are, never made me feel out of control, patronised, judged or rushed and did more work within three weeks than I thought possible. Dozens of big boxes of mixed paper, craziness all became computer-inputted, numbered, filed and ordered with truly lightening speed, and all against a very short deadline indeed for tax purposes after I’d procrastinated to the max.

You worked dedicatedly around snowstorms, very long days and an already busy diary to fully accommodate my needs, and all with a ready smile and constant support .Your work ethic is terrific; you are professional, friendly, totally non-judgemental or ‘nosey’, and you’re the most speedy, accurate and efficient person I’ve ever met!

I can honestly say once you have an end goal it’s a certainty you’ll reach it with me – and for me. I can’t tell you how great that feels! I consider myself to be a work in progress, but you’re exceptional!! I look forward to even more order in various aspects of my life and thank you once again for your very special help, to date.

To anyone thinking of using such a service, I can only hope you pick Amanda; try not to stall, like I did. There’s no-one more private, reluctant or particular than I, but post-Amanda, I already feel so much more free, hopeful and much less alone somehow.

KT, Chester