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Data Back Up – 3 Key Areas to Check

Back up your data before you wish you had done!

Regular data back up is crucial for busy individuals who can’t afford to lose important files or documents.

Data back up isn’t exactly sexy. But imagine the thought of losing all of your treasured photos, documents and important files stored digitally – it doesn’t bear thinking about!

Regular Data Back Up - Orderly Office and Home

Regular data back up can reduce the risk of you losing your treasured pictures & files.

Here are three areas that should be regularly backed up:

Computer files

Your computer is likely to be the central hub for all your important documents, pictures, and videos. It’s essential to regularly back up all your files, either to an external hard drive, cloud storage service such as Dropbox or iCloud, or both. This will protect your data in case of hardware failure or other technical issues.

Mobile devices

Many people rely heavily on their smartphones and tablets these days for staying in touch with others, taking photos, and more. Regular back ups of your mobile device can protect against data loss, theft, or damage to your device. Again, look at cloud storage or a computer for information on these devices.

Website and blog

If you own a website or blog, it’s essential to back up this data regularly too. Include your content, media files, and website files. It will protect against data loss due to cyber-attacks, website hacks, or accidental deletion of content. Most website hosting companies offer automated backup services, but it’s always best to have a copy stored locally as well.

By regularly backing up, you can ensure that you’re prepared for any unexpected data loss, theft, or damage. Don’t risk losing important information! Take the time to back up your devices regularly.


And when you’ve safely stored everything where you know it will be safe, why not take a look at your office space too. What can you do to keep it under control? Check out my past blog for some ideas to get you going.

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