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Is January the best time to get organised at home?

Is January the best time to get organised at home?

Maybe not. Controversial, I know!

Most people talk about wanting to be organised at home, starting their new year off on a positive note and getting everything ‘into order’ so they can get on with life.

New Year, New Start and all that.

Christmas decorations have been put away.

Lists made. Colour coded. Numbered. Highlighted.


Does this sound like you? Instead of jumping in and doing the same, just have a think about that.

How realistic is it for you to achieve your goal? Might you be putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve something that’s way out of reach? Have you got the support and tools in place to get there? Are you starting out because you feel that you should?

Do you love to be organised at home?

When is the right time to get organised at home?

I was talking about this with someone earlier this week. Think about it. In the run up to Christmas people want help to get things organised at home and in life – impending house guests and probable festive chaos being the nudge they need to sort things out. But in January money is tight, there tend to be fewer social plans and how nice is it to just curl up on the sofa and do other things instead? If you’ve no specific timeframe in which to achieve the goal of organising your space, then why rush?

Finding the right time for you

It’s far better to take the time to really think about what would make your life simpler, more organised, less stressful before leaping in blindly. Go with the flow in January and as the dark nights start to fade away and you have more (daylight) time to think about how you want your space to feel, take the steps to bring your goals to life. Set that goal. Set that timeframe. Make that plan. Engage that help if you need it and you’ll achieve far more than going in on a whim.


If you feel that you could do with some help getting organised in 2023, then do get in touch or give me a follow on socials – I’ll be happy to chat through your needs and discuss how getting organised at home could make a difference to you.

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