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6 Essential Decluttering Tips for musicMagpie


I’ve previously blogged about my haul of vinyl and how I make sure it’s well used, but what about that pile of CDs, video games and even old mobile phones lurking in a drawer?  If you’re overrun with these kind of things, then the online offering from musicMagpie could be your way to a clearer space!

We tend to spend the majority of our time indoors during the winter months, so it’s really important to ensure that living spaces are kept ordered and under control, and having a quick clear out of some things that have served their purpose at home can make all the difference.  If you’ve found yourself surrounded by stuff you don’t use, I expect it’s made you feel a little ‘hemmed in’, hasn’t it?  So I’d suggest a spot of decluttering to get these things out of your life and maybe to get a little cash back in the process!

I was delighted to have been asked to contribute some organising and decluttering tips recently for musicMagpie’s blog ‘6 essential tips from decluttering experts’.  You can read the full article here.

essential decluttering tips from Orderly Office and Home for musicMagpie


Perhaps you’ve used musicMagpie to sell some unwanted items in the past?  Do let me know how you found that experience and what worked well for you!  And of course, if you need some motivation along the way, someone to work through your possessions with you, and to keep you on track towards your goals, then please do get in touch to ask for my help.

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