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How to Recycle Responsibly

Can I Recycle this?

As another National Organising Week draws to a close, it’s time to discuss one of the key considerations for decluttering your home – how to recycle responsibly.

What to do with all that stuff you no longer need?!

Recycling the basics such as food, paper, glass, etc has become a way of life for most people around the world, however many still struggle with finding suitable places to offload other unwanted items. So, read on for a few suggestions which may help you to recycle more responsibly.


  • Family and friends should be your first port of call. Take a photo of the item(s) and send or share in a WhatsApp group to see if anyone’s interested. It will be a nice feeling to see someone you love enjoying something you didn’t need.
  • Charity shops will take goods in a good and saleable condition. When donating, ask yourself ‘Would I buy this?’ Items that are broken, tatty and damaged won’t sell – they’ll just become a headache for the charity shops who then have to get rid of them instead.
  • Facebook/Social groups such as Freecycle or NextDoor. You can often sell or offer up items for free this way. I’ve seen many groups set up for refugees and homeless people many of whom need warm clothing, shoes and sleeping bags, particularly at this time of year. Don’t forget the For Free (in your local area) pages too.
  • Your local recycling centre (or tip) should have specific areas to recycle items such as electricals, wood, paints or oils. In Greater Manchester, some councils now also have ‘Renew Shops’ at their sites. Items left at these donation points are cleaned and repaired before being sold on at an affordable price. Great for smaller pieces of furniture, bikes, and things which may be more difficult to donate via a charity shop!

How my Insta followers recycle responsibly via a charity shop. Orderly Office and Home

Where do I recycle my other stuff?

There are plenty of other outlets for more specific items around the home, such as books, antiques, clothes, jewellery, music and electricals and even food!  I’ll share more details soon!

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