F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on VHS

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Who needs ’em?! Decluttering video tapes

Unless you’ve been under a rock during the last 20 years, you’ll have no doubt heard of the TV sitcom ‘Friends’.  Six young and attractive twenty-somethings living their lives in New York City, in apartments bigger than most houses I know and with what seems to have been an endless income stream from doing very little apart from drinking coffee and having holidays!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on VHS

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Image from Pinterest

Today marks the 20th anniversary since the first episode was aired, and when you think of the mass appeal that Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey had over the 10 series, by the time the final episode was recorded, each of the 6 main characters were commissioning a reputed $1m per episode!  Nice work if you can get it!

Twenty years and several series box-sets later, who’s watching these episodes?  I have to admit to indulging myself on an episode a couple of weeks ago after a very tiring day, as I discovered they’re seemingly shown back-to-back on cable channels.  So who bothers to dig out their VHS or DVD box set and have a ‘Friends night’?

Admittedly VHS have had their day – been and gone after the poorer cousin the Betamax.  But how many of you have a stash of video tapes in the back of a cupboard ready to watch one day?

Remember these?

Remember these?

And when you’ve pulled them out of the cupboard, will any of them be labelled (did anyone actually bother to update the labels, let alone stick them on?!) and more importantly, have you anything to play them on?  I’d wager you haven’t, so I’d be asking you “Why on earth do you still have these things cluttering up your cupboards, taking up valuable space that you could use for so many other things?”

And your answer?

“I love that programme!”

“It reminds me of my student days…”

“My best friend and I used to watch it every Friday night!”

Any more for any more?!

Think seriously now for a moment.  A video box set of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  A video box set.  A video. Really?  Neat freak Monica would have a field day with that!

Okay. No need to panic. Deep breaths, everyone. I’ll just have to spend some time putting the CDs back in the right cases.

You know where I’m gong with this! If you don’t have the means to play/watch them, then get rid.

Can I recycle video tapes?

In a word, no, not very easily.  There have been suggestions of using them for crafting (but there are health issues from the tape particles), for insulating shed walls (?!), to using as scarecrows by gardeners – you get the idea.

My advice?  Chuck them out.  I’m sorry but not even the charity shops will take your old video tapes these days, regardless of whether or not they are in mint condition.  At a push you might be able to get rid on the likes of Freecycle/Gumtree/Preloved if you’ve something special.  You just might find a buyer out there…

If you’ve black, bulky, tangled and unloved tapes lurking in your home, enjoy uncovering your stash, transfer onto DVD if you’ve the correct cables and machines (or find a specialist company who can do it for you) and free yourself from their clutter.  Then switch to Channel ‘999’ (or whichever channel your re-runs are shown on by your provider) and enjoy them as you need them.

I’d love to know what video tapes you uncover – leave a comment below (but keep it clean!)

Not sure where to start?  Want a helping hand to go through and free yourself from your clutter?  Why not take a look at how I can help you get organised.

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