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Organising A Garage or Shed

With the Easter weekend upon us and the Spring days now getting longer, it’s the perfect time to tackle one of those lingering organising tasks you’ve been putting off all winter.

Here’s how to get organised in your garage or shed this Easter weekend.


Preparation for organising is key!

  • Choose a dry, warm day to get things started.
  • Empty your car boot ready to make space for removing larger items.
  • Remove obvious rubbish for recycling.
  • Be realistic about what you’re storing and why.
  • Pick a shelf or corner to start and get going!

Moving clutter from your space

  • Return items that belong elsewhere in your home.
  • Pass on unwanted items to friends and family.
  • Sell or list no longer needed items for free online.
  • Leave unwanted items at the end of your driveway with a “free” note.
  • Donate surplus smaller tools and gardening items to charities like Tools With A Mission or Tools for Self-Reliance.

Done organising? Now to keep your space clean & clear

  • Start cleaning from the top down, dusting off cobwebs and debris that may have blown in over winter.
  • Wipe down shelving before storing items.
  • Use clear, labelled containers for storage so you know what you have.
  • Consider making an inventory to be uber-organised.
  • Store your most frequently used items at an accessible height or in easy-to-reach spaces for ease.

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So, will you tackle your garage or shed storage space soon? Or will you want some help from me to start organising things? This Easter weekend, make some time if you can, to reclaim your space and kickstart your spring cleaning & decluttering with these simple tips. Happy organising! 🐰🌷

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