An apple a day... keeps the clutter at bay!

An apple a day… keeps the clutter at bay!

It’s hot, hot, hot!

And don’t you just feel like doing nothing at all when it’s hot?!

The sunshine and warm weather can be lovely to enjoy, but when it’s sweltering, it can make us feel like doing absolutely nothing! And that’s fine if you’ve the time and space to let things pass, but if you’re up against a deadline to get things organised, then you just have to crack on with it!  Something a couple of my Clients found out last week when they were up against the clock to get themselves ready to move home.

Although each of them knew of the impending moves due to take place, there seemed to be an endless list of ‘other stuff’ to get done instead of sorting, organising and packing up their belongings.  Other things that suddenly became far more interesting and important than ever before – in fact anything to avoid dealing with the drawer full of wires, that box they have moved from home to home in the past, and the pile of papers that seem to have doubled in size since just last week!

With help from me, one Client was able to tackle those ‘last little bits’ and those ‘not sure what to do with them’ items, to make enough progress for them to know exactly what is where when removal day comes around.

For the other Client, it was a case of tackling the ‘room I hate going into because it’s so full’ and making sense of what was inside.  By grouping, sorting, removing the unnecessary items, and organising what was left, the Client had a better perspective on how she could approach the rest of the house as she packed up.

An apple a day... keeps the clutter at bay!

For each Client, the mantra of ‘doing a little every day’ was key.  The first had been doing this until he hit the final wall of boredem, annoyance and tiredness with the task – and thus needed additional help.  And for the second, new skills needed to be learned and a habit to adopt and continue with until moving day.

So if you are struggling to get started on a decluttering project of your own, or consider the task too great to make a start on, just try doing a little every day and see what happens!


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