What can I organise over the Easter break?

A 4-day Easter break ‘from the norm’ beckons for many, so what will you do that will help you clear through your clutter and get organised?

Maybe you’ll spend quality time with family and friends?  Make time to get things together at home or in your business?  Either way, it’s a perfect opportunity to reflect on the first few months of the year and get organised for what lies ahead!

Easter Eggs

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Remember that whatever your personal organising goals may be – however small they are – just a little action taken each day to move you towards them is positive and rewarding.

So read on for a few quick actions you could take over the weekend to get that step closer to organised bliss!  Each should take you no more than 15 minutes.

In your home office;

  • Clear everything off your desk-top and give it a quick clean.  Dust can settle quickly if papers pile up.
  • Go through your loose papers / notes, grouping them in logical categories, discarding anything that is out of date or no longer needed.  You don’t actually need to tackle them this weekend unless they’re urgent.  Simply clearing them will be enough.
  • Check your ink, toner and paper stocks.  Do you need to order replacements?  There’s nothing worse than being mid-way through a document when that ‘ink low’ icon starts to flash and you’ve still another 30 pages to print!
  • What’s on your noticeboard?  It can often become part of the furniture; cluttered with all manner of coupons, cards, reminders, checklists.  Discard anything that’s no longer needed and sort the rest; action, file, call, bin.
  • Set yourself an achievable task list for next week – it’s going to be a short one after all!

At home;

  • Collect any pre-2014 magazines that are lying about the house, tear out any articles you can’t be without (or snap them into Evernote) and recycle the rest.
  • Remove anything from your bedroom that either doesn’t belong to you or shouldn’t be in there; your kids’ stuff, work assignments, cups, etc.
  • Tackle one of your kitchen drawers – the junk drawer, the cutlery drawer – it doesn’t matter!  A short time spent re-organising it will save you time in future.
  • Sit down with your significant other(s) and update your online/offline calendars.  Ensure you all know what’s planned for the coming months up to summer break and figure out logistics in good time.
  • If you’ve photos and pictures waiting to be hung in your home, decide where they should go – then hang them!  Surface/floor space and focal points created in one go.
Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Whatever you decide to do, remember that it doesn’t have to be done all in one go!  A little here and there is better than none at all – and you’ve 4 days to make a start!  I wish you luck and support your efforts all the way!  Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via Facebook or Twitter if you get stuck and need some advice!


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  1. Jenny B
    Jenny B says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your thoughts – inspirational as always.

    I spent two of the four days of Easter working on moving forwards – one day for myself, and one at my daughter’s apartment.

    For me, I re-organised one (large) kitchen cupboard, grouped and put away paperwork, discarding on the way, threw out magazines and newspapers (thanks for the Evernote tip), and removed two mugs and a batch of dumped work-stuff from my bedroom and spring-cleaned, leaving my bedroom and bathroom looking great.

    I also updated my jobs list for next week and went through my calendar, deleting some things that I really won’t have time for, and I earmarked some time I can keep clear to go away for a break. I’m not good at rewarding myself, so I’m pleased about that!

    I also identified as many as possible small things in the house which were stopping larger things moving forward. There were several. For example, a small wiring job was preventing me decorating. Now I’ve got most of these little things done, and have a great feeling of release.

    On my daughter’s day, I did the same thing all day – tackling the little things which are stopping her doing bigger things. She’s not very practical and some of these little jobs had been holding her up ever since she moved to her new apartment, two years ago! So she is feeling very liberated as well.

    Then I had some time off on Sunday with a friend.

    Wow – I’ve still got Monday to go! Feels good!

    I hope you had a great Easter, and thanks again for your advice.


    • orderlyofficeandhome
      orderlyofficeandhome says:

      Thanks so much for your comments there Jenny.
      It’s great to hear how much you’ve achieved and how much you can now get done as a result! It’s what I’m always saying – focus on the goal and the small actions you take along the way will help no end!
      Hope you had a rest on the Monday too!


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