Orderly Office and Home blog - repurpose sentimental clothing

Guest Blog: How to repurpose your sentimental clothing.

Orderly Office and Home blog - repurpose sentimental clothing

Today, I have a guest blog from the lovely Rachel of Patch Memories, all about turning your unwanted (but can’t bear to part with) clothing into something a little bit different!

I have seen Rachel’s creations – from cushions to Christmas stockings, and bunting to beautifully crafted personalised pictures – and this is a great way to keep those treasured memories with you for a little while longer.

Over to you Rachel!


Guest blog for Orderly Office and Home from Rachel Hutchinson at Patch Memories  “It’s that time of year again when many of us start to think about an Autumn clear-out of our clothes, perhaps throwing away some of the well-used summer ones and bringing out our warm jumpers and long-sleeved tops. If you’re doing it and you’ve got in mind commissioning a Patch creation to keep as an heirloom, or give away as a unique present, then here are three easy steps to give you a pile of clothes filled with memories that you can send to me.



1 – Keep

Sort through your clothes, or those of your children, and pull out any that you just can’t bear to part with – perhaps because of the memories they hold, or because you want them as an heirloom for your children’s children. Put these in a memory box or other safe place.

2 – Create

Sort through the rest of the pile and pull out any that have interesting motifs, patterns or memories that you love. Put these in a pile and get in touch with me to see what I could make them into – either for you to keep, or to give away as unique Christmas or birthday presents. For ideas please visit my Boutique.

3 – Charity

Go through the remaining clothes and put any that have stains or look well-worn in the bin. The rest should be good enough to give away to friends, relatives or charity.

To see the type of clothes that can be made into creations, then please see my autumn clearout video.”


Thanks for those tips Rachel – very useful indeed!  To see more of Rachel’s creations, visit her website at www.patchmemories.co.uk.


As we’re starting another half-term break here in the UK, now could be the perfect time to spend an hour or so doing this with your children and their clothes.  Enjoy spending some time together, reflecting on the memories and fun times!

If this is something you want to do, but can’t face sorting through your belongings to find them alone, then do get in touch to see how I could help you.  Lofts, garages, cupboards – wherever you’ve stored your clothing, bring it back to life again!



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