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I had to laugh the other day.  I was working with a Client in her home; we were decluttering one of her children’s bedrooms prior to them moving house.  As I came into the room with my ‘handbag’ she commented on how simple, yet effective it was.  Now this wasn’t some classy leather number with a designer label. Oh no – it was my humble 40p ‘baby blue’ Ikea shoulder bag; perfect for transporting everything one could possibly need for a room decluttering session – rolls of bin bags and sacks, large Ikea bag, gloves, cloths, charity bags, notebook & pen, camera and a bottle of water.

The relative simplicity of packing my work bag for days like those is what I love.  Having spent many hours travelling across the country with my leather Radley work bag, with all manner of paperwork contained therein, to now use a simple bag like this is a refreshing change!  Obviously, when working with Clients on more business related aspects, I do ‘up the ante’ a little and revert to back to a more suitable handbag, but for the most part, it’s Ikea all the way!

Ikea Baby Blue DeclutteringBag

Ikea introduced these smaller ‘baby blue’ reusable bags in order to cut out the single-use carrier bag from its stores altogether.  And it seems to have been a hit!  Not only are people using these and the larger bags for shopping at Ikea and other stores, but they are being used for many other things too

  • to grow vegetables in
  • to carry laundry
  • for storing muddy boots during a car journey
  • for packing clothes for travel – I use ours when we go camping!
  • See some other suggested uses here.

I imagine if you’ve shopped in Ikea recently, you too will have a Brattby or a Frakta bag somewhere in your home!

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