Can you camouflage your clutter?

Recently the lovely ladies over at The Camouflage Company sent me a couple of their great storage items to try out for them.  Well – I wasn’t going to say no was I?!

When they arrived they were beautifully packaged and ‘flat-packed’ – something I was a little reluctant to disturb, but to my delight, I found that the handy ties which fit around the items when ‘not in use’ are re-useable and simple to put on and take off with their Velcro strips.  They mean that either item can be packed away as and when the need arises.

Camouflage Co boxes flat-packedPractically Paper Storage Bag

So out came the ‘Practically Paper’ Big Foldaway Box. The main structure unfolded simply and after following the clear instructions I was able to insert a plastic strip into each side to make the box sturdier.  The box is very lightweight, easy to carry and is in fact much tougher than it looks which I have to say was a slight concern initially – the thought of the contents spilling out from underneath!  The plastic side-strengthening strips and optional use of a top strap ensure that the rigidity is there.  The pole side handles do slip back and forth a little within their casing, but it does not impede the overall purpose of the box.


Storage box in use (2)

Storage box in use (1)It’s a great size and I have found several uses for it to date; initially for storing school uniform for my girls that was waiting to be labelled and ironed, then for some paperwork whilst being sorted, then as the upstairs receptacle for anything that needs to be put away, and most recently for all the items needed for my girls to go on a sleepover at a friends house – rather than arrive with a pile of bags, bears and clothing, I just deposited both children and said box.  Simple!  I can see me using it further for a supermarket shopping trip, as an overnight travel box or as a Christmas present (pre-wrapping) container.  A great all-purpose addition to my storage items!

Next was the ‘Practically Paper’ Space Saver Bag – rather like an oversized American lunch bag!  Again, there were 2 (optional) side panel inserts to make the bag stand upright, although it works perfectly in its more relaxed state too.

Space saver bag

Depending on your own home and the amount of storage space you have, you could use this in a number of ways; for storing and transporting laundry, linen or towels, out-of-season clothing, or in my case my daughter’s huge collection of Build-a-Bears, which had migrated from the end of her bed to the floor, but are now happily sharing a stylish, soft sided bag – they even have their own window to wave through!!  Personally I’d recommend this bag for storing children’s toys and larger or bulkier items that you don’t need all of the time – its depth (just over knee high for me) wouldn’t lend itself to day-to-day items.

Cluttered toysCamouflaged toys

Overall, I think that these 2 products pretty much reflect the brand of the Camouflage Company; simple, sleek and attractive storage solutions for the home or office space which provide a way of keeping the stuff we DO need in an orderly way.  Both are extremely lightweight, can be wiped clean, and fold flat when not being used.  Aside from the very neutral, yet chic Practically Paper design, there are several other designs to choose from; floral, gingham and chintz to name a few, all in varying styles and sizes.

“Make mess look less” say Louise & Corrinne at The Camouflage Company.  I’m with them on that – thanks Ladies!

For help with decluttering and re-organising your possessions & your space, please get in touch with me – I’d love to help!

I was sent these 2 products to try from the Camouflage Company.  All words & opinions are my own.

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