Can you come and help me declutter my home on Christmas Day?

Yes, I was asked this very question by someone I met at an event this morning!  Ok, so it was partly in jest, but with a 3 year old and a crawling baby at home, through the whites of his eyes I could see that he meant it!!

As, 8 days from now, wrapping paper will be strewn over the living room floors of houses across the land and shiny new presents will mean smiling faces all round.  But for many parents, the aftermath of a present unwrapping frenzy is a feeling of heavy heartedness.  The tricky task of gathering torn giftwrap up without inadvertently scooping up part of a new toy, then squeezing what you can into the recycling bin and breathing a large sigh of relief once the floor is ‘cleared’ – or at least clearer than it was!!

Christmas giftwrap clutter

And what to do with all of the new booty?  Well, there will be incessant playing with pretty much everything for the first day or two, but once the initial novelty wears off, you will need to find a home for everything.  Hmm…and therein lies the problem!

It’s a no-brainer that more will come in than will go out over the next week or so, and it’s important to ensure that every new toy gets a look in.  Whilst you do still have a little time before the ‘man in red’ makes his appearance, make the time to gather up some lesser-loved toys, books and jigsaws, and remove them from your children’s usual play area into a place where they can be stored temporarily – loft, spare room, garage, under the bed, at a relative’s house even.  Then come 25th December, let your children enjoy their new presents without them feeling overwhelmed with choice and you feeling frustrated with lack of storage!  You can set some time aside once you are into the New Year and the chaos of Christmas is well behind you, to have a proper sort through what was stashed away and to make some decisions about what to keep/donate/throw/sell.  Enjoy your family time at Christmas – let kids be kids, let grown-ups be kids, loosen the rules for a few days and have fun!

If you’re not sure how or where to store your existing ‘stuff’ effectively, or where you can get rid of unwanted items, please do get in touch to arrange an consultation so you can get your home back into order for the year ahead!

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