What’s in the bag?

Whilst working with a recent Client I came across a wonderful gizmo that I recall hearing briefly about some time ago, but had never seen first hand.

handbag organiserThe handbag organiser. A revelation!

For any women out there who – like me – enjoy pairing up bags with shoes, or swapping bags to suit the needs of the school run, swimming lessons, days out, hospital visits, and work of course, then this could be the answer to your lost lipstick prayers.

This particular Client found her organiser extremely useful to keep her medication stored safely and securely in whichever bag she might use for work or socialising, and it avoided the need to transfer numerous tablets, inhalers, and other medical items between bags.

Of course, the sheer joy of being able to place your hand on your keys or your hand cream as you want it is good enough for me!

In a range of colours, in a small or large size to suit your needs, and from a plethora of suppliers on the likes of eBay and Amazon, there has to be something for everyone.handbag organisers

So, if your handbag contains more clutter than you dare to admit, order one of these cuties, tip out your handbag contents – yes that’s everything from the dried out lipstick to the tissues, the endless pens and that pack of raisins that went off some time ago – then bin all the bad stuff and get ready to put back in a lovely ordered fashion just the stuff you really DO need to have with you day to day, in your very own handbag organiser.

Time to get organised and declutter your space, your life, your handbag!

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