Saying goodbye to the past – our Autumn clutter clear out

During the last week there have been some changes in our household. The children are back in school, the weather has turned its back on summer and home-made warming soup is a regular on the menu! And lots of things have been leaving the house!

It’s the time of year when we put memories of summer holidays and days out to one side, and get back into the ‘swing of things’ – be it work or school – and it signals the start of another chapter in our lives. And for me, it’s also the countdown to 2 children’s birthdays with Christmas slap bang inbetween them – when even more comes into our house, rather than going out! And so it has begun; our autumn clutter-clearing sessions.

This weekend, helped along by Sunday’s poor weather, we filled 2 charity bags with our unwanted items which will go towards the British Heart Foundation’s Bag-athon which is being run during September, allowing someone else to enjoy what we no longer want or need.

BHF Donation

We also filled another bag with items good enough to sell on eBay or Netmums, and hope to get a little cash back in return.

We had;

  • dressing up clothes
  • books
  • tap shoes
  • CDs
  • spare kitchen door handles
  • jackets
  • iPad cover
  • picture frames
  • board games
  • bike stabilisers
  • and more!

And I’m so proud of my husband (and also a little sad for him) when he rifled through his treasured box of old football programmes from his youth and made the decision to get rid of all but a few of them. We’re moving an item of furniture into another room in the house, so there’s not going to be any space to keep these any more. He’s been holding on to these for almost 30 years, and has looked at them maybe half a dozen times, but he was actually quite happy to let these go.

Seems that being married to a professional organiser has influenced him more than I thought!!

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