get organised for September

Having trouble getting started?

We’re nearing the end of the summer holiday season here in the UK (if you’ve school aged kids we are anyway!) and it always seems to be around now that people start to make plans for the looooong winter ahead!  Well, up to the end of the year at least!

get organised for September

The start of September really is a great time to make plans – for change, for growth, pursuit of happiness – whatever it may be, it just feels like a line can be drawn under the freedom and fun (and kid chaos) of the summer months and attention can be turned to things that need to be done;

  • That DIY job list
  • That diet you are going to start to fit into the festive LBD at the back of the wardrobe
  • The round of school/college/social activities that need to be booked into the diary
  • That new offering you are going to bolt on to your business
  • That spare room that will be cleared, decorated and fitted out ready for guests at Christmas
  • That financial review you are going to have, so you can decide whether or not to move house next year
  • Those kitchen cupboards that need sorting so you’ll have space to accommodate your latest Lakeland purchases. A result of Great British Bake off?!

Whatever your ‘target’ or ‘goal’ may be, there is no better time than now to get them written down on paper.  Then stick them on the fridge, your wall, make it your PC screensaver if you must, but please don’t write them down and let that list drift under a pile of paperwork, only to be found long after they should have been completed…

We’ve a Bank Holiday here today in the UK, so 1st September will feel like the start of a new week, a new month, a new season, and a new chunk of the year.  So go ahead; make your list, make progress – however small – but make progress and make sure you congratulate yourself on a job well done!

If you run a small business or work from home and struggle with keeping things together – be it your focus on getting things done or keep your workspace and systems in order, come over and join me in a Closed Facebook Group – ‘Organise your head, your workspace, your business! where you can interact with others and share your ideas and suggestions for of the things that work for you.

Here’s to a successful and productive start to your autumn!

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