Why Mess Causes Stress – Decluttering Workshop 15th November 2014

Sometimes, the difficulty with getting things organised comes from the fact that you’re not sure where to start, or you feel that you’ll lose track once you’ve got going.  In other cases it could be because you feel that you’re the only person dealing with clutter issues and you feel somewhat alone with that.

Well, if you are local to me in the Manchester area, my next workshop may be of interest to you!

Getting together in a supportive and ‘closed’ environment could be just what you need to get your clutter problems out into the open and sorted once and for all.  Sharing your concerns, ideas, and solutions with other people in the room – and finding yourself a ‘buddy’ in someone else with the same needs can be invaluable.

Workshops from Orderly Office and Home (2)

So if this appeals to you, please do get in touch as places need to be pre-booked & paid for before the event.

Hope to see you there!



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