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National Organising Week 2015

National Organising Week 2015 is almost here!

From Saturday 7th to Friday 13th November there will be a host of support, news items, blogs and social media shares across the web to recognise this important week in the Professional Organiser’s calendar! #NOW2015

National Organising Week - via APDO UK

A full 7 days in which to

  • make a start
  • finish an incomplete project
  • sort that cupboard
  • clear your desk drawer
  • plan your diary
  • focus your mind

But in reality, you don’t need a specific seven days to do this… or do you?

Many of us have things we want to accomplish at any given time, and it’s all very well putting them onto a ‘to do’ list or written on your calendar, but if you don’t plan in any time for when you are actually going to DO them, you might as well not bother!

Take me for instance.

I’ve a pile of children’s ski gear that no longer fits anyone in our family, and is in perfectly good condition for selling on to someone else who can make use of it.  I have been aware of this for around a year.  The bag of clothes has been up in the loft for the same amount of time.  “Why haven’t you got rid of them yet?” you ask.  Well, this time last year, things were very busy for me – both in work and personal life – and most importantly I didn’t make the time to sell anything.  It just wasn’t a priority.  I missed the boat in terms of selling in time for ski-season and there seemed little point in trying to sell them after the February half-term break.  So back into the loft they went, BUT with a diary note for me to bring them out and sell them during November of this year – in time for Christmas ski trips and the ever-anticipated UK December snow deluge!

So number one on my list of things to do during National Organising Week this year is to list and sell these items – giving me some space back in my loft and some cash in my hand.

Ski gear to be sold by Orderly Office and Home - National Organising Week
Many of my Clients get themselves organised much more effectively when they’ve booked out the time to achieve something – whether it’s sorting their home space or getting their working area back into shape.  A ‘meeting’ blocked out with yourself can work wonders!
So, if you’ve been thinking about ‘all of those little things’ that you want to tackle – list them down somewhere obvious, and plan in some time to GET THEM DONE!  If you need an additional pair of hands to help out, want guidance on where to start, or are just after some motivation along the way, then why not get in touch to talk about how I could help you.

Make sure you’ve liked my Facebook page and are following me on Twitter, as throughout National Organising Week 2015 (spearheaded by APDO-UK) I will posting and sharing tips each day to help you get more organised.  I’d LOVE for you to share what you’ve been doing to get organised during the week too!

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I’m giving away a Remote Support Session (worth £75) to one lucky winner during National Organising Week 2015!

Simply tell me your biggest organising challenge right now, and you’re done!

This competition ended at noon on Friday 13th November 2015.

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