It’s Back! National Declutter Week 2013

Yes – it’s back for the 3rd year in a row!

National Declutter Week 2013, championed by runs from Saturday 6th – Sunday 14th April, giving you 9 whole days (and 2 weekends) to sort, organise and declutter your stuff!

National Declutter Week 2013

I wrote about this last year, and the thoughts behind it are just the same. Rid yourself of the excess, the unwanted, the unnecessary, the ‘just in case I ever need it’, and allow yourself to enjoy the things that DO really matter to you in life.

In this consumer society there is the urge to buy more and more – despite the fact that we’d probably get along just fine wthout it, thanks! Take a moment before you make that next purchase and ask yourself if you really need it. I bet that with a little forethought you could reduce your spend – and your stuff – by just a little!

And with this in mind, for my husband’s birthday this year, he hasn’t received more ‘stuff’, but will be enjoying a bespoke Indian Cookery Session from House of Rampur instead. He’ll be learning a new skill that he can use over and over again – and it won’t take up space in our home!

So get cracking – make the most of the improved weather to get you in the mood, and by all means get in touch if you need a motivational & hand-on helper!

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