What are the signs I need decluttering help?

I was at a networking meeting last week where attendees were to highlight the services & products of another member to everyone in the room, based on what it is that they deliver to their customers.  A great opportunity for us to hear someone explain our business to us in different way to how might normally see it, rather than delivering your usual ‘elevator’ or ’60 second pitch’.  Business cards were picked at random and we explained the business benefits of that person’s offering to everyone else.

The comments about Orderly Office and Home included something along the lines of…

“If you’ve any of the following in your home, you need Amanda to help you;

  • An Austin Allegro handbook
  • A Nokia 3310
  • An Atari computer game controller
  • Pens that have dried up
  • A French Franc note
  • A broken Sodastream
  • Expired coupons
  • An electronic organiser
  • Baby birthing books (when you have teenagers or older)

We’ve all got things like this, and many choose to ignore it until it becomes a problem!  If you need help to get your ‘stuff’ out, get it organised and get your living or workspace back into order, then Amanda at Orderly Office and Home can help you.”

Old Electronic Organiser

Electronic Organiser (mid-90’s!)

And I guess that pretty much sums up the basis of what I do!

It’s when people recognise that they have too much clutter, it’s stopping them from living their lives freely, or stopping them from reaching part of their home or office space, that action needs to be taken.

All of the above are items that many people have lurking somewhere in their homes; unused, unloved and more importantly – unnecessary!  It doesn’t happen overnight and can take months, even years to accumulate.  Each unwanted item takes up valuable space wherever they lie in the home, space which could be left free or filled with another – much more important – useful item.  An item that is needed.  An item that is used.  An item that is loved.  Think of your ‘stuff’ lurking in the back of cupboards, drawers, in a pretty storage box, in a useful storage bag. Does the old ‘out of sight out of mind’ saying rings true?

I challenge you to tackle a small drawer, cupboard or corner and see what ‘blasts from the past’ you dig up!  Let me know below what you find – I’d love to hear!

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I’m available for hands-on decluttering help in Manchester, North Cheshire & East Lancashire in the North West of England. See how I have helped others here.

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