Home Staging Tips

Tips for Staging your Home for Sale

Should I be home staging?

Spring has almost sprung and it’s traditionally the time of year when we start to see an increase in ‘For Sale’ boards going up in front gardens nearby.

It’s the peak time to put houses on the market as windows and doors can be left open for air to flow freely, outside space is shown at its best and the light inside is generally better for viewings.

So, maybe you want to put your house up for sale, but you’re feeling it’s not quite up to par right now, and you’re asking yourself “how do I make my house more appealing to potential buyers?

Are potential homebuyers really that picky?  Yes they are!

So now what?!

Delay it until the autumn and risk a stressful, lower priced, pre-Christmas rushed sale?

Put it off altogether and stay where you are?

Or take some steps to get your home into order once and for all to show it at its best?

Make some simple changes.

Give your property that ‘home staging’ style & bag yourself a ‘SOLD’ sign before you know it!

Act now to make the most of the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend and get started!   And if you’re in need of some 1-2-1 help to clear the clutter, or to help reorganise and store the possessions in your home whilst you go through the selling/moving process, then just give me a call!

Contact me today to chat about how I can help you to simplify, streamline and organise your home.

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