Making time to declutter

What a gorgeous day it was on Sunday here in the UK!

For the first time in what seemed like months we finally had a sunny & warm(ish) few hours to get outside into the garden and actually get on with something useful!Deadwood

Our front garden had been bugging me for a while, as it needed a good weeding over and tidy up of perennials past their best, but the constant cold, wet and windy days we’d had since December meant that I’d had to leave doing anything about them – until now!

So, fuschia pink gardening gloves adorned, secateurs in hand I set about the flowerbeds; trimming, pulling and generally tweaking what was there so that it was refreshed and ready for the (hopefully imminent) onset of Spring.  In little under an hour I’d achieved what I wanted to for so long, and the results mean that I can shift my focus to the back garden on the next fair-weather day.  Ok, so I [could] have popped out once or twice in the weeks beforehand, and spent 10 minutes or so, but it would have been without any real focus and the results would have been limited.  Plus, I would have needed to get out the cutting tools and garden bags to clear up, AND it would have been cold & damp – something I can do without thanks very much!


Compare this to decluttering your home or office space.  The difference it can make to spend a focussed burst of time & energy on a small project can be huge!  It means it’s done for the next few weeks and months – maybe even another year – and you can shift your time & energy from thinking about what needs to be done, to something else.  Just by spending 10 minutes decluttering inside (the positive difference from my outdoors predicament) can be beneficial.  Try sorting out a shelf, a desk or kitchen drawer or flat surface to see what difference you can make – and enjoy the benefits.

For larger areas it’s worth putting aside more time to get on with the task in hand.  An hour or so on a wardrobe, an afternoon clearing kitchen cupboards, or a morning decluttering  (not necessarily actioning) domestic or business paperwork – whatever time you can assign – will be time well spent.

As with all things, you need to put in the effort to get results.  There’s no magic wand that will create more space for you.  But there is help!  If you know where you want to get started, but want someone who will guide you and physically help you through the process of clearing the clutter, then do get in touch.  That’s what I’m here for.  It’s my job.  I chose to make this my job because I love doing what I do and improving how people can live their lives following the changes we make together.  After all, life’s too complicated not to be orderly!

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