National Declutter Week 2012

So this week sees the start of National Declutter Week 2012 in the UK. 7th-18th March.

But it’s 10 days I hear you cry! Yes, intentionally so, in order to maximise the length of time people have to declutter their possessions – and to enjoy 2 whole weekends doing so!

Enjoy? Decluttering? How so?

Many of us go through the motions of simple decluttering without really noticing. We might shift some papers into the recycler once a week, or have a purge of the filing cabinet when we remember. But to really focus on removing some of the stuff from your home over a concentrated period is challenging, without doubt. That’s why as a Professional Organiser I am able to help you look at the bigger picture and take a step back from the emotions of each item, asking you to really think about why you want to keep things.

I use the acronym – NULL; Need it, Use it, Love it, Leave it. If the item doesn’t fall into one of the first three categories, you need to be asking yourself why you have it in your valuable space at all? What function does it perform and what will be the benefit?  If you need to leave it for the moment, that’s fine – decisions need to be made with a clear head and without any pressure.

This initiative has been thought up by, an online resource for all things storage related. The main focus of the period is to get people to donate their unwanted clutter to charity; so reducing the volume of stuff going into landfill whilst supporting a number of hospice charities along the way.

So if you feel up to the challenge, why not have a look at their blog and give it a go! Or you can, of course, contact me to be the extra pair of hands!

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