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National Organising Week 2020

Today marks the start of National Organising Week (NOW).

The annual event run by APDO – The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers is now in its sixth year and the initiative aims to help promote the benefits of being more organised in your space, leading to a simpler and less chaotic life.

I’ve been involved with NOW events over the years; talks at local libraries and Trafford Wellbeing centres, open advice stands at crafting retailer Hobbycraft, in-store talks at Hammonds Fitted Furniture, contributing to storage provider blogs, as well as donating a day of my time to a past client with health issues and last year to the wonderful Chelwood Foodbank Plus where I worked with another organiser to relocate & reorganise the Manager’s office space.

NOW 2019 Donate a Day - Orderly Office and Home

The wealth of experience I’ve built up over time, working with a variety of clients predominantly in the North West of the UK, means that I’ve often a tried and tested solution for the many organising conundrums that people face in their home or office spaces.

More lockdown time at home is looming.

As we approach a second lockdown here in the UK, we’ll once again be spending more time at home and needing to find ways to maintain a healthy balance between the ‘stuff’ that rules our everyday home life, our work life, our social life (remember having one of those?!) and of course the stuff that rules our mental health.

I’ll be sharing tips and ideas on my Facebook and Instagram pages during the week and I’d invite you to join the conversation and ask me a question or two!  Also keep an eye out for the daily posts on the APDO blog where there will be more shared from my fellow organising professionals from around the UK.  If you can pick up just one nugget of inspiration and act on that to improve your day-to-day living, that will be fantastic!

What’s stopping you from getting organised? Let’s get started!

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