Proud to be part of the Ideal Home Show Manchester, 6-8 June 2014

I had a wonderful time recently when I was one of 8 experts in the Ideal Advice Centre at the Ideal Home Show in Manchester!

Over three days at the start of June I was available for 30 minute consultations with visitors to the show as the organising and decluttering expert.  I spoke with a lot of lovely people who wanted help with ideas for storage and effective use of their space. People came from near and far (from Stretford to South Wales!), some with kitchen designs on their minds, some with complete home renovations and extensions in the pipeline. It was great to be able to suggest kitchen sink and cooker configurations that they hadn’t considered before, and to advise them of products that I’ve come across over time which could help their individual situations.

Some just needed some straightforward advice about how they could simplify their living space. From rooms that ‘felt empty’ to storing collections of bears and designer trainers, and co-habiting couples squeezing two homes into one whilst trying to sell, everyone left with advice and ideas that would take them that step closer to feeling more organised.

With a plethora of products, home sets and ideas on display there was something for everyone – including those who came just to spot a TV celebrity or two!  Even I have to admit that meeting George Clarke (of C4’s Restoration Man / Amazing Spaces) was a show highlight for me!  This short film captures just some of the show – enjoy!


The Ideal Home Show at Christmas show runs from 14-16 November 2014.

Want help and advice to whip your own home into shape?  Let’s talk!  Whether you’re near or far, I will have a solution for you!

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