Ready to release your store-cupboard clutter?

Last week I worked with a Client to declutter her basement under-stairs storage area.

Under stairs store declutter

Having been built to provide storage for the usual ‘hardware’ items, it had, over time, become the place to dump all manner of things.  Empty vases, tennis rackets, almost finished paint tins, children’s craft items, and screwdrivers galore!  You know the kind of thing I’m talking about, because if you admit it, you’ve probably had a space like that at some point in your life too!!

As the shelving space filled up, family members had put things into the space ‘willy nilly’ to the point where stuff was piling up at the entrance of the store, because they couldn’t reach the shelving properly.


In a short time, we were able to reduce, re-use, recycle & re-home the things in the storage area, giving my Client a good-sized space to keep her less-used items for the home.  She acknowledged the fact that at although one time she did a lot of DIY, now – due to a change in family and work circumstances – she was more likely to employ a decorator, plumber, joiner, etc to complete any repairs in her home, rather than to spend three times as long trying to achieve the same outcome using her own DIY skills! She was realistic about what needed to be kept and was elated to be free of all manner of paint-rollers, wallpaper strippers, drying cans of paint, sandpaper and so on, knowing that she’d now call in a professional to undertake major room overhauls.  The result?  Less ‘I will never use it’ clutter in her under-stairs cupboard, and more space to walk in, find what she needs and bring it out unscathed!

She is not the only person to have felt free after getting their space organised! Read what my other Clients have to say.

My top decluttering tips for store/under-stairs cupboards:

  1. Allow a sufficient amount of time to go through the ‘odds & sods’.  These often take longer than expected.  What appear to be big boxes or crates often contain lots of little items to be sorted!
  2. Find a space big enough to work in.  As store cupboards and the like are often stuffed to the gills with all manner of items; what you pull out of there needs to be worked through in a good space.
  3. Store the items that you put back in, in a logical manner.  Frequently used items near the entrance, less frequently used items further back. Breakables away from heavy or unsteady items.
  4. Label any boxes/crates so that you don’t waste your time looking for things in the future.
  5. Look out for local charity groups who may be able to make use of good condition tools, unused paint, etc. Better used by someone else rather than into landfill!

Fancy some 1-2-1 help to get your space organised? Why not get in touch!


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